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To help you bridge the gap you may perceive between Digital Banking as a concept and a feasible implementation practice, this Digital Banking Portal provides numerous footholds.

How this Portal can help

Digital Banking, as exemplified by open banking initiatives, is all about creating an ecosystem in which you exchange data with partner organizations in order to create new services or enhance additional ones. APIs typically form the building blocks that are used to create this platform for data exchange.

Less Complexity

The beauty of APIs is that they offer an easy-to-consume interface that is optimized for the consuming client, hiding (or making transparent) any technical complexity that the consumer should not be bothered with. In other words, APIs allow for the creation of an interaction layer, decoupling consumers from the actual banking (or any enterprise) systems.

As a consequence of decoupling, you can even utilize the API interface where it is not yet connected to the real enterprise systems, thus offering a Sandbox environment to test the interface and various features that are part of it; for example, the available functionality, API security aspects and service quality like availability.

Well Published APIs

To allow for effective consumption of APIs, they should be published in such a way that all necessary consuming information is provided. This is why APIs are typically published as API products in a Developer Portal, offering information like:

  • The documented API functional interface (what can it do for me?);
  • Essential API implementation details (where can it be accessed?);
  • API access and additional API security constraints;
  • Other applicable conditions (e.g., subscription plans).

And that’s exactly what this Digital Banking Portal offers: a collection of sample APIs as they could be used to support your Digital Banking environment. Here, you can review the available API products; and you can gain further understanding by reading the technical API documentation or testing the APIs in the Sandbox environment.

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Essential Digital Banking Features

API Products

Documentation details for sample API products that have been configured according to the applicable open banking standard: UK Open Banking, PSD2, CDS.

API Security

Comprehensive implementation of the relevant security profile, including FAPI-required aspects like OAuth2.0 and OpenID Connect (for explicit user consent), JOSE-based message validation, etc.

API Sandbox

API Sandbox for convenient API testing from a Third Party Provider (e.g. PISP, AISP) perspective. Allows for testing of API functional resources as well as applicable API security features.

How can I effectively use this Digital Banking Portal?

Apart from the general information offered, this Portal gives access to several API Products. You can review their functional details and documentation, test the various operations and review resulting analytics.

All APIs can be immediately tested in a Sandbox environment (subject to login). This Digital Banking Portal offers a preconfigured App that represents a client identity that likes to access the API. In the Sandbox, the APIs have been configured as they would be in a production environment, without giving access to an actual production system and/or production data.

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